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Nutrition Datasheet - Enteromorpha sp.

NDS - Enteromorpha sp.

Other Names  : Aonori, Stone Hair, Link confetti, Hallow-green nori (source :www.algaebase.org  )

Values listed in Datasheets are averages from data published in scientific literature. The reader must keep in mind that some variability may occur in nutrition data according to algae location, season, stabilizing treatment...

Taxonomy has changed recently : genus Enteromorpha now becomes Ulva. i;e. : E. compressa becomes Ulva compressa

NDS-Enteromorpha sp


CEVA collects, evaluates and publishes data on nutritional composition of edible algae. Data are collected in scientific literature, internal analysis and specific projects.
 Nutrition datasheets list amounts of various components of edible algae (glucid, proteins, lipid, minerals, vitamins,...) and food energetic values. Data are usualy provided for 100 g of raw dry algae, unless otherwise stated.

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